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"A spiritual masterpiece."
Rev Dr Michael Ellner
President, HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison-NYC),
Co-author of Quantum Focus, and winner of the IMDHA Pen and Quill Award


"A commonsense approach [leading to] the clear understanding that we are all one."
Melissa Etheridge


"God Without Religion advocates a more intelligent and thoughtful approach to the spiritual life . . . and offers positive ways to develop a spiritual viewpoint."
Thomas Moore
Author of Care of the Soul and Dark Nights of the Soul


"[A] fine, fierce, wise, and deeply helpful book."
Andrew Harvey
Author of The Direct Path and Sun at Midnight


"Offers hope and relief."
Fred Alan Wolf, PhD
Theoretical physicist, author of The Yoga of Time Travel, and a National Book Award winner


"This book's bold message is vital."
Larry Dossey, MD
Author of Healing Beyond the Body and Reinventing Medicine


"A courageous, stand-out book for readers ready to part the veil of illusion."
Meredith Jordan
Author of Embracing the Mystery


"One of the most extraordinary books of our time..."
Hank Wesselman, PhD
Anthropologist and author of The Spiritwalker Trilogy and The Journey to the Sacred Garden


"A rare book, combining spiritual insight and practice with social criticism and an appreciation of the many contradictions of modern life."
Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD
President, Intuition Network; author of The PK Man and former host of Thinking Allowed, a national public television series.


"An inspiring, positive, wonderful book ..."
Joseph Dispenza
Author of The Way of the Traveler and Live Better Longer


"A breath of fresh air ..."
Hal Zina Bennett, PhD
Author of Writing Spiritual Books


"Hope for the survival of peace-loving people in the world."
Dilipkumar Mohanta
Professor of Philosophy, University of Calcutta
Editor of The Journal of the Indian Academy of Philosophy


"A treasure, a pearl of great price ... a worthy companion on anyone's path."
Robert Ransom Odom
Internationally published author, columnist, and spiritual teacher


"Beautifully articulated. ... A work appropriate for anyone in search of spiritual meaning."
Michael Shermer
Publisher of Skeptic magazine, columnist with Scientific American, and author of Why People Believe Weird Things and The Science of Good and Evil


"A provocative challenge ... to the smug assertions of those who would claim to know the truth."
Robert S. Alley
Professor of Humanities, Emeritus
University of Richmond


"The genuine seeker must utilize both the critical mind and the generous heart. God Without Religion honors both."
John J. McGraw
Author of Brain & Belief: An Exploration of the Human Soul


"There is no question that this is a timely work inspired by eternal truths."
Elliot R. Wolfson
Abraham Lieberman Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, New York University


"God Without Religion offers a refreshing attempt to provide humankind with a modernized spiritual road-map for use in our eternal quest to comprehend God."
Arun Gandhi
From the Foreword to God Without Religion


"A powerful book [that] could liberate the world of religious strife and lay a sound foundation for a global ethic."
Ingrid Shafer, PhD
Professor of Philosophy and Religion
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma


"Extraordinary, elegant, beautiful, informed, practical. . . . It is good medicine in a troubled world."
David Carson
Author of Medicine Cards


"This practical as well as theoretical volume encourages people to have direct, firsthand experience of the divine, unmediated by the trappings of organized religion."
Mary E. Hunt, PhD
Co-director of Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual


"Strong resonances to the Vedic/Upanishadic concept of 'an expansive sense of the self'. . . . Regardless of one's personal views on religion, changing the outlook of societies that identify themselves within a paradigm of narrow, ethnic boundaries is an imperative that needs to be taken seriously."
T. S. Rukmani
Concordia University, Montreal


"[God Without Religion] succeeds largely because it does not seek to deride or convert, but to educate and inspire.."
Ahrar Ahmad, PhD
Professor of Political Science
Black Hills State University, Spearfish, SD


"God Without Religion offers, through exquisite prose and profound substance, a way out of religious shackles and abuse-a direct path to God."
Alon Ben-Meir, PhD
Professor of International Relations
The Center for Global Affairs, New York University
Syndicated columnist; Middle East Project Director at The World Policy Institute
Author of A War We Must Win and The Middle-East, Imperatives and Choices


"Sankara has done an exceptional job of transcending reactiveness in the form of emotionality and argumentativeness and offers us some very tangible means for accessing and integrating the god substance he talks about."
Jaye Beldo, freelance reviewer


"God Without Religion is a book like no other I have read."
Charlene Martel, reviewer The Literary Word


"This thoughtful and insightful book will help increase the spiritual literacy that is a necessary part of our true higher education. . . . I heartily recommend it."
Lama Surya Das
Author of Awakening the Buddha Within
and founder of the Dzogchen Meditation Center


"Presents ancient ways of spiritual unfoldment, in a modern world and in a modern way."
Zohara M. Heironimus
Host of Nationally Syndicated Talk Show, Future Talk


"An honestly written accounting . . ."
The Midwest Book Review


"Saranam presents timeless techniques of meditation, affirmations, energy work, relaxation exercises and tips?to develop spirituality and bring God closer."
Ode Magazine, July 2005


"In our organizational quest to help bring about a better, healed world, we believe that the work of teachers like you is both essential and critical. To express our gratitude for your contributions to society, we are formally honoring you . . . as a Universal Spiritual Teacher."
Mary Cosgrove
Universal Spiritual Teachers Coordinator,


"[Sankara Saranam writes] from a height of inspired intelligence with a vision that shines kindly into the depths of the human heart."
Dr Nicholas Coleman
Head of Religious Education, Wesley College


"It is with great honor that the editors of USABookNews.com award God Without Religion the coveted 'Best Spirituality Book of 2005' Award."
Jeffrey Bowen
President & Publisher, USABookNews.com


"God Without Religion is attractively produced . . . [and] will appeal especially to readers who feel dissatisfaction with organized religions and wish to seek a unified spiritual center for their lives."
Richard D. Wright
New Age Retailer magazine


"A wonderful book about what I believe is the most positive view of human creation."
Sheldon Drobny
Founder, Air America Radio


"God Without Religion brilliantly explores the author's theories on both intuition and self as the most effective tools of spiritual exploration."
Seth McEvoy
Foreword Magazine