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Sankara Saranam

Sankara Saranam is a writer, philosopher, lecturer, poet, and tireless proponent of pranayama (sense introversion). He has traveled extensively in India and Israel researching and writing on spiritual and ethical issues. His first book, Yoga and Judaism (Astrologue, 1997), shows that the early Hebrews were practitioners of various systems of asceticism and pranayama. His major work, the multiaward winning God Without Religion, seeks to balance the world's divergent and divisive cultural views of God with a scientific method of personal introspection and pranayama.

An ascetic and mystic, Sankara founded The Pranayama Institute as an expression of his ideal to make pranayama techniques available worldwide at no cost. Most recently he established Whirlwind Community as a training ground for pranayama.

In addition, Sankara is a singer, composer, and classically trained guitarist. In a style heavily influenced by the spirit of rock music, his songs celebrate its height in the 1970s and lament its subsequent demise, which he attributes to increased commercialism, dependence on music technology, and vulnerability of the self in response to the collapse of cherished democratic ideals. His best-known composition, a guitar concerto entitled Fission, pays tribute to rock music in memoriam.

Sankara Saranam graduated from Columbia University magna cum laude as a student of religion. He holds a master's degree in Eastern texts and Sanskrit from St. John's College, and currently lives with his family in southern New Mexico.


God Without Religion

Multi-award winning book, God Without Religion, by Sankara Saranam, explores why organized religion has long been the cause of humanity's worst wars and most acute suffering -- then shows us how to move beyond organized religion's divisive history into a unified, peaceful future. Through a series of penetrating inquiries and practices, Saranam invites readers to examine their beliefs, explore the nature of the infinite, and develop a personal relationship with God, ultimately expanding their identity. Foreword by Arun Gandhi. The book purchased from our store is signed by the author.


Our Mission

To promote the ideals of God Without Religion throughout the world.

To encourage forums for questioning and discussing spiritual issues related to seeking a more universal God without religion.

To inspire dynamic and progressive local colloquiums in people's homes around the world based on the ideals of open introspection, questioning, and authority-free discussion.

To conduct worldwide classes and seminars on the ideals of God Without Religion coupled with varied methods of pranayama and ascetic living.

To provide guidance in the practice of pranayama and following the ascetic path.

To promote the science of pranayama, sense-introversion.

To help pave the way to an end of divisive beliefs that bring violence and disharmony into the world, replacing those beliefs with personal methods of introspection, open discussion, and sense-introversion that help practitioners actively identify with, not merely tolerate, all human beings.