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Welcome to the Expo!

Dear Friends,

We recently moved our web pages to another server. In the process, I decided to take the opportunity to close the Forum.

In fact, since I decided long ago to not host an actual forum on our site, it seemed hypocritical of me to continue to call it a forum. I enjoyed the ease of using the Gossamer software, but since no one else could post on the forum, it was more than was necessary.

So, I will continue to post entries, but the link has been changed to expo.

All the forum posts are gone, never to return. I'm sure most readers won't miss them, but if the response to my removing all of the Weekly Messages from years past is any indication, some GWR Forum readers will be nonplussed to discover that they will no longer be able to access the forum entries

It is my habit to, as often as I can, move from the old and create the new. Doing so is a challenge in and of itself, and becomes next to impossible when considering the demands of agents, publicists, and financial affairs. One can lose readers, anger readers, and even come off as betraying readers who grow comfortable with and accustomed to the writings of the past.

But as a writer, it is all too easy to rest on one's laurels. It is too convenient to find satisfaction in the knowledge that X number of thousands of people read this or that post. It takes much less effort to emotionally rely upon the praises of the past than to embark on a journey where there may be no gratitude or recognition in sight.

That kind of ease and satisfaction and even cowardice are the death to creativity. If I kept the Weekly Messages online, I may never have outgrown them. Readers may not have either.

So with that, I bid goodbye to the past. Please don't request a past forum post of me. I don't have them. If I found one, I'd delete it just as I deleted all of the Weekly Messages. If you would have preferred to have saved them, I truly apologize for not giving any warning.

So much has gone on here in Columbus that it would be a real challenge to get everyone up to speed. I'm here full time now, so things are moving along at a healthy rate. A lot has happened and a lot is on the horizon. We finally have a design that will work for self-sustainability, and we are implementing it at this time.

While we still have single visitors interested in coming for days or even months, it is safe to say that a retreat will not be happening in 2010. Simply too much is going on. But by 2011 the actual farm/community/facility may be ready.

Sex Without Religion's agent is busy working to find a home for the title. I still owe a hard or e-copy of the proposal to some people. If you are one of them, could you please send me an E-mail with a reminder and contact information?

Last year I was scheduled to do a tour of Malaysia and a few other nearby countries but could not for numerous reasons. This year, I have been invited to Spain for some touring and classes. If I travel to talk about the theory of self, I'll post the dates on the Tours page.

I have been knocking the idea of video Q&A around in my head for some time. The issue this year will certainly be the amount of time in the day. I would also like to record a video of a few tunes from Fission and Shameless Hook, including the entire rock concerto Fission, but again I need to find the time. You wouldn't think it, but raising two children and creating a self-sustainable community are full-time jobs. If SWR sells, I'll probably write it in the wee hours of the morning.

I'm also running for governor of NM. No, I'm not devoting the time it would take to actually win, but thanks to unlikely individuals we did land an interview on statewide television. I have to remind myself that we are in the early years of Dvapara Yuga when I contemplate some of the questions I am asked as a candidate for political office. An idea like pardoning drug offenders, which is commonsense to me, seems so outlandish to so many people. If they are addicts, then they have a disease and are not to be jailed for it. Jail should be for violent criminals, and even then the jails need as much rehab as the inmates. And if they are dealers, then they need to be pardoned because I want to legalize the drug they were selling.

Instead of spending money on stopping drug use and then spending money on incarcerating the people that break the drug laws, legalize the drugs, tax the drug, rake in the money, and spend it on education, health care, sterling engines, water harvesting, and carbon farming.

For some reason, a simple concept like this goes over people's heads.

I haven't yet decided if I'll be dedicating this space to any subject in particular. In the past, readers have strongly advised me to stick to yogic material, and more specifically to pranayama. Their argument is that there are plenty of adept bloggers out there that can handle all the political and social issues of our day, while there are very few to no adepts at pranayama able to discuss and dissect the subject with adroitness.

I get the point, but the problem I have with that is that I spent all my indignation concerning the misinformation over yoga in the Weekly Messages and in GWR. Perhaps I've already spent a great deal of my indignation regarding social issues too, during the Bush years, but at this juncture I pretty much have to write where my annoyance leads me. My favorite writers have always been the kind who saw an injustice or an insane policy or a severe ignorance that squanders personal and social energy, sapping will and joy from the lives of others, and wrote about it as a means of purging it from their own self, and in so doing allow others to similarly affirm a new reality.

When it comes down to it, it hardly matters if the subject can be called yoga or not. To me, yoga is nothing more than asceticism and pranayama. Pranayama is a technique. You learn it. You practice it. Not much more to say about it. The real meat of the subject is asceticism, which I define as energy conservation. When I get indignant over kids in jail for smoking a joint, it isn't simply about a perceived injustice and the hurt those kids are feeling. As a society, it is a waste of energy. For those kids, it is a waste of energy.

When I think of all the people who believe in fairy tales, and of all the guilt they create in their psyches over them, I translate that into a massive waste of energy. This mental and nervous energy is precisely the kind that limits the intuitive capacity by creating patterns of awareness distant from the intuitive centers in the spine and brain. Perhaps most of my readers are not entertaining such grossly inappropriate beliefs, but then again you'd be surprised. I always am.

How could anyone who studied yoga be for the Iraq war? Well, many of the readers of the Weekly Messages were. I wonder how they feel about it now.

How could anyone who studied yoga be for limiting the rights of women? Again, many justify it with the principle of ahimsa, nonviolence. It becomes violations in the name of nonviolence.

How could anyone who studied yoga believe things that turned devotion into emotional cultism? Happens every day. Organized religions do not have a monopoly on cultic behavior.

All of these issues, and thousands more, pertain to the subject of asceticism, which is my grab bag term for energy conservation. All of yama and niyama, according to the theory of self, fit into this larger principle of asceticism. Pranayama is the method that harness all of that liberated nervous energy and directs it inward. It is a lot easier once asceticism is understood in this larger context, properly practiced, and mastered.

So for readers who say to themselves that since they were against the Iraq war and are for women's rights and avoid cultism, that material covering such subjects is no use to them, it may be that the patterns of awareness and energy at issue are being overlooked. Sure, thousands of writers may write on these subjects with deserved aplomb, but I don't know any that do strictly from the vantage point of asceticism and the expansion of the sense of self.

Anyway, I've got no idea what I'll write on next time, or when next time will be. I would love to be on a strict schedule, like the Weekly Messages were, but it may not be feasible this year.

I still receive questions, even though I haven't been answering them for years. I'll see about starting to answer some of them.

Either way, I'd like this space to be more than it was in previous years. I've noted that posts pertaining to Yogananda were very popular. I don't know why, but I do know for sure that I won't be writing too much about past yogis. People create the myths they want, and perhaps even need, and I'm not interested in challenging these myths directly.

A big subject for me will be the future of the human race in the face of peaking resources and the need to harness energy from renewable resources, the failure of modern agriculture, overpopulation, and global warming. Again, all of these challenges speak to the central issue of energy in society and the availability of energy to the individual. Yoga deals more with the choices of how to use excess social energy, but a yogic attitude toward the creation and control of social energy is so direly needed that I feel I would be remiss if I don't point out the obvious directions we need to consider if we are to weather the coming challenges that accompany expensive energy.

An overweight individual that wants to practice yoga would need to consider losing excess pounds. Similarly, the human race, modeled after the body and life of an ascetic, needs to lose some weight in the order of a few billion people. Doing so would ease the strain on the energy/pollution crunch, and probably buy us a great deal of time to weigh our options. I have some admittedly unpopular ideas of how to shave off the excess weight that I would like to expose a bit more.

Here and there, I'll be posting some photos of progress on Whirlwind and Deepwater.

Thanks for stopping by. I do sincerely hope that this space will continue to serve you.